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Premiile Grammy 2013: Justin Timberlake, Rihanna si Elton John vor canta la gala

31 Ianuarie 2013
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Cantaretul si actorul american Justin Timberlake va canta la gala de decernare a premiilor Grammy, ce va avea loc pe 10 februarie, la Los Angeles, alaturi de alte nume sonore din industria muzicala, precum Rihanna, Taylor Swift si Elton John, au anuntat miercuri organizatorii.

Castigator a sase premii Grammy, Justin Timberlake va sustine acest concert cu doar cateva saptamani inainte de lansarea, pe 19 martie, a noului sau material discografic, "The 20/20 Experience", care este primul album de studio al sau din ultimii sapte ani. La gala de decernare a premiilor Grammy, cele mai prestigioase recompense din industria muzicala americana, vor mai urca pe scena Bentley, Miranda Lambert, The Black Keys, fun., The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Carrie Underwood si Jack White.

Cantaretul britanic Elton John si compatriotul sau Ed Sheeran vor canta pentru prima data impreuna, cu ocazia acestei gale, care il va avea ca prezentator principal pe rapperul LL Cool J. Grupul pop-rock indie fun. este considerat marele favorit al galei, intrucat a fost nominalizat la sase premii, inclusiv la categoriile "cel mai bun album" ("Some Nights") si "cea mai buna inregistrare" ("We Are Young").

Organizatorii vor aduce in cadrul galei Grammy din acest an un omagiu special muzicianului indian Ravi Shankar, o legenda a sitar-ului, decedat in decembrie 2012.

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Semra  | #1904
George made me laugh many times. He had a very quick wit and he had some great insights into our lagnuage and behavior. In my opinion, George was a thinker and analyst. Like many thinkers and analysts, he seemed to struggle to understand and control his world. Analysis seems to be a powerful tool to solve problems and deal with emotions. Many of us assign a lot of importance to having this skill. Modern society rewards this skill.I have to say that George, especially in his later years, seemed cynical, judgemental and depressed. Sadly, not the picture of a great man.When I watched George's shows in his later years, I laughed, but throughout the show I had a bad feeling; an empty feeling that left me, well, depressed. Were George's shows a public attempt to express his own feelings of despair? It's just a question.I have similar bad feelings when I over-analyze, over-think and try to control things. I want to control things, especially when I'm afraid.How do I avoid feeling this way? By acknowledging that my perception and thoughts, though valid and real, are not the full story. Letting go of judgement, cynicism and control brings peace and joy. In this state I get wisdom and understanding and realize that my perception, my thoughts, my brain, though valid, are not the full story.Is there intelligence and information in the universe that exists outside of me and is not in the minds of others? It's a big universe with lots of energy. It's a fun question and one each of us can try to answer for ourselves. Many great minds have answered yes to this question. Emerson and Thoreau are two examples of many.The answer for me is yes . Can I prove it? I think I might be able to and have thought of experiments to try. But I have my own internal proof and that works.
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