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O celebra artista a murit. Della Reese, partenera lui Eddie Murphy, s-a stins din viata

21 Noiembrie 2017
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Della Reese, a murit luni la varsta de 86 de ani. Aceasta a fost actrita, cantareata de jazz, gospel si pop, dar si gazda de talk-show-uri televizate.

In 1953 a semnat primul contract profesionit, cu Jubilee Records, pentru inregistrarea a sase albume. In 1969 si-a inceput cariera in televiziune, unde a inceput propriul talk-show. Una dintre aparitiile sale remarcabile a fost in comedia neagra Harlem Night, din 1989, cand a interpretat rolul Vera, conform

"A fost o incredibila sotie, mama, bunica, prietena si pastor, dar si o mult-premiata actrita si cantareata. Prin viata si munca sa a inspirat vietile a milioane de oameni", a spus actrita Roma Downey.

Della Reese s-a nascut pe data de 6 iulie 1931, in cartierul Black Bottom, din Michigan. Si-a inceput cariera in corul bisericii locale, iar la 13 ani a fost selectata sa cante in corul Mahaliei Jackson. 


Della Reese was born Delloreese Patricia Early on July 6, 1931, in the historic Black Bottom neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan, to Richard Thaddeus Early, an African American steelworker, and Nellie (Mitchelle), a Native American cook of the Cherokee tribe. Her mother had had several children before Reese's birth, none of whom lived with her; hence, Reese grew up as an only child. At six years old, Reese began singing in church. From this experience, she became an avid gospel singer. On weekends in the 1940s, she and her mother would go to the movies independently to watch the likes of Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, and Lena Horne portray glamorous lives on screen. Afterwards, Reese would act out the scenes from the films. In 1944, she began her career directing the young people's choir, after she had nurtured acting plus her obvious musical talent. She was often chosen, on radio, as a regular singer. At the age of 13, she was hired to sing with Mahalia Jackson's gospel group. Delloreese entered Detroit's popular Cass Technical High School (where she attended the same year as Edna Rae Gillooly, later known as Ellen Burstyn). She also continued with her touring with Jackson. With higher grades, she was the first in her family to graduate from high school in 1947, at only 15.



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